Motion design (2D, 3D)
and post production

An animated video about how your products work or of your logo is an extremely efficient way to engage audiences and display information. This type of approach is quick to understand and eye-catching; therefore it has a high impact on your customers, suppliers and partners.
CDB’s experience in motion design (2D and 3D), post-production and real-time video editing (sound and movement) enable our clients to create a strong connection between their brand and audience from the get go.
Trust us. We’ll design your wings, animate them and help you fly high.

Through animated infographics it is also possible to teach concepts in a dynamic and interactive way to students. Any complicated subject immediately becomes the opposite.
Animated infographics are ideal for presenting data with multiple layers in a clean, organized, and logical manner. They can be used as a support tool that adds quality to traditional teaching methods, optimizing students’ learning outcomes and their motivation.


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