Game-based learning

Most of the times, lack of motivation is the main cause of students’ apathy. Learning doesn’t mean memorizing - it means acquiring the skills and thought processes needed to respond appropriately under pressure and stress.
Classrooms need to create effective, interactive experiences that motivate students and actively engage them in the learning process.
This is where educational games come in. They are a useful learning tool that offers the opportunity to acquire the ability to summarize, enhances coordination and cooperation amongst students and stimulates their creativity and competitive spirit through fun and instructive disputes.

Reality check: Every kid nowadays owns a smartphone with wi-fi connection. So why not use that in favour of education?
CDB is a pro when it comes to developing educational games for web and mobile platforms using Unity 3D. We can design appealing and fun solutions for youngsters exploring subjects like the environment, entrepreneurship, leadership, food waste, the human body, (you name it!), while maintaining scientific rigour.


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