Who we are

We started developing educational software back in 2004, namely adaptive learning platforms and online courses, based on the premise “Education can be fun!”. Since then, we’ve been growing and widening our field of business regards technological education, creating educational games for web and mobile platforms.
Additionally and once we live in a time of Digital Darwinism, we specialized in positioning companies’ brands online. We want to help your business stand out from the rest and differentiation online is the road ahead.

For us, any software must be functional, easy to use, fun, inspiring, memorable and remarkable.

How we work

CDB has team of editors and creative thinkers, web designers and developers that is extremely qualified and experienced, offering a totally integrated and personalized solution to each and every client.

Our first step is really simple: listen!

We listen to our clients, their problems and ambitions; the market and its characteristics; users and their needs. Then, we give our perspective based on tools and technologies we master.


Rua Conselheiro Veloso da Cruz
4400-092 | Vila Nova de Gaia

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